10 Dry Hair and Dry Skin Fixes

Dry hair and dry skin are two common problems women and men face around the world. There are many causes of dryness and even more products out there that claim to repair these trouble areas, but they can be costly and often don’t work. Since everyone has different types of skin and hair, individuals respond differently to products. And then there’s the risk that you’ll end up with other problems, like oily skin, redness, or greasy hair. But there is hope to solving these beauty struggles. Certain types of products and at-home remedies can help, as well as lifestyle changes and preventative habits.

If you’re tired of wasting money on so-called hydrating skin and hair remedies that don’t work, give these ten dry hair and dry skin fixes a try—you’re bound to find one that does the trick…


1. Take Cooler Showers

A  scalding hot shower or bath feels great at the end of busy, stressful day. It can help your muscles relax and gives you time to relieve stress. Soaking up hot water spray or submerging into a hot bath can really lift your mood. But the benefits come with a price, and water temperature could be the reason you’re having a hard time keeping your skin smooth and hair nourished. Unfortunately, your beloved hot water can cause both dry hair and dry skin, so you might want to cut back on the heat to let your body heal.

Hot water makes your skin lose the natural oils that keep it smooth and hydrated, resulting in rough, dry skin. Your skin might feel tight and itchy, and may even become flaky in areas. This scale-like texture could be avoided by turning down the heat when you bathe. Your hair will also benefit from lukewarm showers because hot water can dehydrate it, making it look and feel dry. Hair can become weak and break when you’re brushing and styling. So turn down the temperature to help fix dry hair and dry skin.

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