10 Superfoods To Try in 2016

2. Kefir

One of the most popular health trends of the last year is fermentation. We’ve seen it come in many forms aside from the most well known being yogurt and Kefir is another fermentation wonder picking up steam. The dairy drink tastes similar to a yogurt, but with a consistency closer to milk and offers great levels of probiotics; the healthy bacteria that keep our digestive system operating at optimum efficiency.

Despite being a dairy-based beverage, it is low in lactose and high in calcium and phosphorus. It can be found in both effervescent (fizzy) varieties and non-effervescent and may be flavoured with fruit like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries or may come plain. It’s sharp, tangy taste may not be palatable for everyone so it’s best to be added to smoothies where it’s benefits can be enjoyed while being mixed with other fruits.


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