10 Surprising & Healthy Foods For Grilling

Summertime is the prime season for grilling. An outdoor cooking area offers the option for hot food without heating up your kitchen. So fire up the cue and get ready for lighter, healthier grill options that won’t weigh you down—I’m looking at you hotdogs and hamburgers!

Here are ten surprising and healthy foods for spring and summer grilling…


1. Pineapple

For something totally tropic on your plate, try grilling up pineapple rounds. Not only is this fruit equal parts tangy and sweet, it’s also high in antioxidant vitamin C as well as the health benefiting proteolytic compound, bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory that’s also linked to fighting cancer. Grill pineapple rounds until brown on the edges and use them to garnish meats (especially fish) and salads.

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