10 Surprising Ways to Prevent Overeating

2. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will go a long way in curbing your appetite and getting in the habit of eating well. On Sunday night, cut up fruits and vegetables and put them in plastic containers in the fridge. When you start to feel hungry, grab one of the containers and eat a healthy snack instead reaching for that bag of chips. You can also use these healthy snacks for during the work day. Pack some in your lunch to avoid hitting up the vending machine for a sugary, salty, and all-around unhealthy snack.

When you plan ahead, you’ll likely feel like a bit of stress or pressure is lifted from your shoulders. In today’s world, your professional and personal life can lead to an extremely busy schedule and a ton of stress. Finding a good balance is difficult, so changing your lifestyle in simple ways like meal plans can make a big difference.


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