5 Reasons to Prepare Food from Scratch

Today’s busy lifestyles make us believe there’s no time to cook proper meals from scratch—and why do that when processed food promises us convenience and nutrition on the packaging? However, buying pre-seasoned and oven-ready foods could contain some ingredients that may be unnecessary, while creating a lifestyle that may be less healthy.

Making food from “scratch” doesn’t mean you have to go out and hunt your own food or harvest your own vegetables—they can still be store bought components that require you to take more time to prepare and encourage smarter shopping at the grocery store, as Huffington Post points out in a 2014 article. Here are five reasons to start taking your time when preparing meals…



1. Cooking is Good for Your Brain

Popping a store-made frozen pizza into the oven for 20 minutes is sure easy, but all it really requires is for you to heat up the oven and take out the pizza when the timer goes. Meanwhile, you’re staring at your phone or watching television and not doing anything to advance your kitchen skills.

Not only will food made from scratch often have brain-boosting properties, it will also require you to be creative and to think through recipes, which help build neural pathways in the brain. In fact, learning to cook could have led to the human brain growing from its prehistoric roots and developing cognitive skills and culture, according to a 2012 UK Daily Mail article.


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