6 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Skin Looking and Feeling Healthy

For many people, an obsession with skin begins at a young age and lasts throughout their lives. Just think: how many people do you know, including yourself, that has struggled with acne, dry skin, wrinkles or some other kind of skin issue at some point in their lives?

The good news is that there are a number of skin and face treatments that can help with these issues. The bad news is that some of these treatments can be very expensive, placing them out of reach of many Americans. But are there foods that can help make and keep skin looking and feeling healthy?


1. Foods with Vitamin C

Most of us are familiar with foods that contain vitamin V—they include berries like currants, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, as well as fruits like oranges, papaya, kiwi, and guava. Many people know that these foods can help boost our immune systems. But do you know that they can also help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy?

It’s true; foods high in vitamin C promote the development of healthy skin and can help our skin heal after it’s been damaged—by cuts, burns, or dryness. These foods can also help build collagen, which can contribute to improving capillaries and keeping the skin looking and feeling healthy.


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