7 Foods that Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer

It may not get as much press as many other types of cancer, but colon cancer can be very deadly, particularly if you follow a diet that raises your risk of developing it. Unlike many other types of cancer, diet is a crucial part of colon cancer because the part of the body affected is a critical part of the digestive process.

Some foods, such as processed meats, have been shown to significantly increase one’s chances of having colon cancer emerge. That begs the question — what foods will actually lower my risk of developing colon cancer? The good news is that there are a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods that can help you keep colon cancer at bay. Let’s take a quick look at some of those foods now.


1. Tofu and Other Meat Substitutes

Regularly eating meat, and especially processed or red meat, has been shown to significantly increase one’s chances of developing colon cancer. In fact, eating red meat on a daily basis could be one of the single greatest factors in determining if you will develop this potentially deadly disease.

That’s why anyone concerned about their risk of colon cancer — such as someone who has a family history of cancer or specifically colon cancer — should consider reducing their meat consumption. To help with this, consider meat substitutes like tofu, which are made using plant-based materials and are often designed to replicate the taste and texture of meat. Even better, they’re often significantly less expensive than the cost of meat.

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