7 Pros and Cons of Switching to a Vegetarian Diet

2. Con: Not Getting Enough Nutrients

While vegetarians can cut out a lot of fat and calories by removing meat from their diets, they can also lose many of the important nutrients that are present in meat. Take B12, for example: found in high quantities in most meat products, it’s easy for vegetarians to miss out on. The challenge is even greater for vegans, who opt to exclude both eggs and dairy from their diets.

The good news is that vegans and vegetarians can get their B12 by taking a B12 supplement or searching out foods that have B12 added to them, such as bread and cereal (orange juice and soy milk can also have B12 and other nutrients added). For vegetarians, the key will be understanding which vitamins and minerals they’re missing out on by cutting meat from their diets and then finding and using the supplements required to replace them.


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