8 Healthy Eating Tips For Going Vegetarian

Most of us have the best intentions when deciding to go vegetarian—but while you may be cutting the animal kingdom a break; you may be doing your health a disservice if you’re not sure how to maintain a balanced diet.

A balanced vegetarian diet can lower your instance of high blood pressure and improve your overall cardiovascular heart health…that’s if you follow these tips to ensure you’re getting all of your vital nutrients…


1. Baby Bites

I was going to say baby steps, but baby bites seems a little more appropriate. Just because you decide to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to go big or go home. You can do your part by eating vegetarian most of the time at the start—with a few meat-infused meals thrown in until you get the hang of a completely plant-based diet.  A diet with fewer meat-based meals will translate many of the health benefits of a total vegetarian diet.

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