8 Healthy Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers’ Market

By late summer the lakes and pool warm up with the lazy, humid days of summer. However, the farmer’s markets also heat up—with ripe, seasonal produce and fruit and vegetable stands heaped with impressive selections. The benefits that a farmer’s market offers shoppers are as bountiful as the wares.

Here are eight convincing reasons to shop market-style for the remainder of the summer and into early fall…


1. Fresh and Local

If you’re seeking the freshest fruits and vegetables around, look no further than your local farmer’s market. Not only is the produce grown locally, which means it’s picked at peak ripeness and it travels very little distance to the farmer’s market stall where it’s sold to customers (and doesn’t sit in a truck or cooler for weeks or months before it’s sold)—the fact that you’re eating fruits and veggies grown in the environment you live in means that produce likely contains essential nutrients needed for strong immunity and germs circulating in that specific atmosphere.

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