8 Healthy Ways Adults Can Play with Food

Admit it; kids aren’t the only ones who want to play with their food. You should be happy to know playing with your viddles can be fun and embraced by adults too if you know the many options out there. Thanks to social media, you’ve probably seen some interesting ways to have fun and try new things when preparing, serving, or eating food. Playing with food doesn’t mean you need to instigate a food fight at your next social gathering. Instead, you can use unique presentations and different cooking techniques to infuse some creativity into your next dinner party or potluck. From fun with jello molds to trendy small appliances and socially intriguing dinner parties—here are eight healthy ways adults can play with food…and get away with it…


1. Raclette

The raclette is a small appliance that has become very trendy as the center-piece at dinner parties. This tool has a grill on top and tiny plates with handles sticking out underneath. Slice up your favorite vegetables, pre-cook chopped potatoes, and slice several types of meat and seafood. Use marinades for flavor or sauces for dipping. Grill the veggies and meats while melting cheese and heating potatoes in the lower portion, and transfer food to your plate as it finishes cooking.

Raclette grills aren’t very big, so each person only has a small surface to cook on. The idea is that you eat slowly, allowing for socialization with your guests. Raclette parties can last hours and provide a great excuse for adults to play with their food. Originally from Europe, the raclette is used differently across the ocean with cheese and meats being the only things cooked on the grill. Cooked foods are served with slices of cold cuts and pickled foods. But no matter which way you do it, the raclette provides a healthy dinner option prepared on a relatively inexpensive appliance that your dinner guests will be talking about for weeks.

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