8 Natural Ways to Take Hair from Limp to Luscious

I blame my fascination with thick, shiny, tumbling locks on Ariel, I’ve been envious of that Disney mermaid ever since I watched her toss her long, auburn locks.  As a woman who spends a lot of time in the water (both a natural lake and a salt-water pool at my gym), I always been on the hunt for ways to make my hair fuller, stronger, and thicker, trying almost every conditioner and hair treatment on the market.

Luckily, I finally learned that Mother Nature is my ideal hair stylist—with her bevy of natural, healthy supplements—that took my locks from limp to lush and envious…


1. Zinc

Zinc is considered an essential nutrient when it comes to carotene production, a substance that facilitates hair and tissue growth while keeping the oil glands surrounding hair follicles in prime working function.  You can easily incorporate zinc-rich foods into your diet—for instance,  shellfish, turkey, peanut butter, chicken, chickpeas, and pork.

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