8 Sneaky Strategies of the Fast Food Industry

If you don’t believe that the eyes are stronger than the stomach when it comes to eating junk food, I dare you to watch an evening line-up of sitcoms without carving a bacon double cheeseburger and fries or a bowl of ice cream.

In reality, every other commercial spot bought is meant to bait you with delectable images—despite the unhealthy consequences. The fast food industry doesn’t care about you having the energy to get to the gym. And it uses these eight sneaky strategies to trick you into eating your weight, and more, in greasy, fatty, sugary, processed fast foods…


1. Instant Gratification

The fast food industry is built on convenience or instant gratification. It’s the food you turn to when you’re ravenous or stressed or sad or too tired to make a healthy meal at home. That’s exactly why it’s so tough to ignore the line-up of fast food drive-thru windows beckoning you to “save precious time” after a draining day at the office or when you only have a 10-minute lunch break.

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