9 Simple Ways to Reduce Acrylamide Intake

If you happened to turn on the news yesterday or today, your senses were likely met with news of the FDA warnings concerning foods high in acrylamides, a chemical created during the cooking process of many popular foods (7000 in total), and one linked multiple times to cancer (in animal studies).

In fact, the FDA considers acrylamide consumption so dangerous that reports consider it a “food safety concern” and so are urging consumers to reduce their intake of the chemical that lies in many favorite foods cooked at high temperatures—such as fried, burned, char-grilled, or overcooked potatoes, pastry, cookies, cereals, dried fruits, crackers, rolls, breads, canned fruits and vegetables, some baby foods and infant formulas, frozen fish, frozen burgers, and frozen chicken fingers, gravies, seasonings, bagels, and pre-made pizza crusts, and (GASP) coffee!

With the health warnings in mind, it’s time we cut down on acrylamide intake by using the following safety measures…


1. Bake vs. Frying Foods

Due to the fact that acrylamide is formed when a sugar and an amino acid (known as asparagine) meld when foods are cooked at high, lengthy temperatures, avoiding the frying of foods and baking them instead may be your best protection.

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