Antioxidants: What Are They and Where Can You Get Them?

3. Berries

At this point it should be pretty clear how important a role antioxidants play in keeping us healthy, and while the body produces some of these substances itself, it’s important to obtain the rest of the necessary antioxidants from a healthy diet. Let’s take a look at some of foods that have the highest antioxidant properties…

Berries are not only delicious fruits, but many of them have extremely high levels of antioxidant compounds present. The levels of antioxidants present in foods is measured by what is called the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC for short) and tests the capacity to absorb and eliminate free radicals. Many types of berries have a high ORAC score, like goji berries with 25,000 ORAC, wild blueberries with 14,000 ORAC, elderberries with 14,000 ORAC, cranberries with 9,500 ORAC and blackberries with 5,300 ORAC. After learning this information, you’ve never had a better reason to get those berries into your morning smoothie!

Blueberries LD

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