Dealing with the Aftermath of a Holiday Food Binge

After you gorge yourself on a decadent meal, what do you do? Go for a run? Starve yourself for a day? Post-binge-fest-abuse can take it’s toll—both emotionally and physically.

Psychologists at Columbia University have found that this type of self-punishing behavior is far more destructive than the post-gorging bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, and food coma. Here are seven effective ways to dealing with the aftermath of a food binge (we all know that Christmas is coming) without beating your self-esteem up and putting your health and emotional wellbeing at risk…


1. Get a Move On…

A little light activity can go a long way to aiding digestion—especially if you’re toting around a ready-to-burst food baby. So don’t go prone (lie down), which will only restrict breathing, exacerbate heartburn, encourage acid reflex (if you suffer from it), and tummy tribulations.

Instead, go for a post-meal walk. Keep things light after a heavy meal, meaning anything more strenuous than a walk could cause you to be sick to your already full tummy. A little activity will work with gravity to encourage digestion and help move glucose out of the bloodstream faster.

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