Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Liver Disease Patients

The liver is a vital organ that converts food into essential nutrients. However, liver disease can develop silently and gradually over time due to several factors—including drug and alcohol addiction, toxins, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, medicines, viruses, hepatitis C or B, type II diabetes, and genetic predisposition.

According to the American Liver Association, roughly one in 6 Americans have liver disease. We need our livers for survival, so although there is no specific “liver diet”, the following nutritional tips may help prevent further damage, and support patients living with liver disease…



1. Lower Sodium Intake

Your doctor has likely already spoken to you about sodium intake if you have liver disease. However sodium is a sneaky beast, sneaking into seemingly innocent sauces, salad dressings, and even your morning box of cereal.

To avoid excess salt, you have to monitor exactly what ingredients go into the foods your eating. This might mean avoiding processed foods and sticking to fresher foods to ensure liver health.

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