Fact or Fiction: The Fiery Health Benefits of Capsicum

Capsicum, or red chili peppers, has long been used for both culinary and therapeutic purposes. The herb, taken from the fruit of the Capsaicin plant, is the active compound in peppers that keeps things spicy. Many of the health benefits of capsicum sound somewhat mystical, however that doesn’t stop medical researchers, alternative health practitioners, and even celebrities from touting the many benefits of this hot substance…


1. Therapeutic Benefits of Capsicum

Therapeutically, capsicum can cover a lot of ground when it comes to purported medicinal benefits.  Many claim capsicum stimulates blood flow and circulation—while others swear the compound can aid digestion.

Cayenne peppers have often been a part of home remedies, the capsicum within used to treat everything from fevers and congestion to colds and sinus issues.  Some people even use capsicum as a topical muscle rub to relieve muscle and joint pain, helping with arthritis and sometimes even psoriasis.

Capsicum powder

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