Feel Well About These 7 Foods That Strengthen Your Immune System

Imagine your favorite foods that are delicious can also help keep you free from illnesses. Well, it’s true, according to several sources. Along with a proper hygiene regime (such as washing your hands before digging into dinner), there are particular foods that can guard against getting the sniffles…or worse.

These aren’t fancy dishes – most of these are things you probably already have in your fridge or pantry. Let’s digest seven of these superfoods that can help your body resist illnesses like the flu…


1. Yogurt

Prevention.com explains that yogurt is effective because of the healthy bacteria (more commonly referred to as probiotics) that help keep your gut free of “disease-causing germs.”

The source points out that probiotics are also available as supplements, but also notes that a study out of the University of Vienna found that a daily 7-ounce serving of yogurt was just as effective as the supplement (pill) version. Also, it’s probably more delicious too.

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