The Goodness of Chia Seeds

You’ve probably heard a lot of hype around chia seeds. This so-called super food really does live up to its reputation. The seeds, which come from a flowering plant in the mint family, pack a healthful protein-, calcium-, fiber-, and omega-3 fatty acid-punch! The seeds also absorb up to 12-times their weight in water, which ensures better hydration throughout the day after baking with them, sprinkling them on salads and cereals, and blending them into smoothies.

Here are eight innovative ways to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet…


1. Blend in Chia Seeds

Likely the most popular way to get your daily does of chia seed-goodness is in your breakfast or post-workout smoothie. Just add a tablespoon or two along with your regular smoothie ingredients (i.e., banana, frozen fruit, greens, almond milk) and blend until smooth.

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