The Keto Diet: 16 Surprising Benefits and Challenges to Expect

2. Experience a Keto “Flu” (Carb Flu, Sugar Flu)

Once you’ve removed sugars and carbohydrates from your diet, your body will begin to adjust. The adjustment phase likely won’t be fun, in fact for many people they will develop flu-like symptoms, such as extreme fatigue and lack of concentration. This happens because your body is so used to using carbs for energy that without them, the body becomes weak and sluggish.

This could push someone to stop the diet, but it’s possible to combat the symptoms by eating more fats, and upping water intake. Don’t forget to keep up with daily exercise, even if you’re exhausted. You will eventually enter into the next phase of the ketogenic diet, which is when your body no longer needs the carbs, and begins converting fat into energy.


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