The Worst Foods to Nosh On Before Bedtime

When you’re feeling a tad peckish in the evening hours, what you reach for may fill you up, but it can also cause weight gain, tissue damage (or acid reflux), and even mess with your sleep schedule.  While low acid foods—like whole grain cereal,  herbal teas, low fat milk or yogurt, and bananas soothe the tummy—caffeinated, high fat and sugar, and acidic foods can ruin your sleep, expand your waistline, and even damage the tissue lining in you esophagus and throat, according to researchers at University of Rochester, Medical Center.

Let’s ensure you’re not reaching for these nine before-bedtime baddies when the midnight munchies strike…


1. Coffee

For obvious reasons, brewing a cup of coffee before bedtime will keep you up at night. Not only is coffee rich in caffeine—the brew is also pretty acidic, which encourages the production and churning of stomach acid while you sleep. If you absolutely need a cup, opt for a decaf brew with little caffeine and less acid.

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