7 Effective Exercises You’re Probably Already Doing Regularly

2. Walking the Dog

According to a post from Dr. Dawn Marcus on Sharecare.com, walking the family dog can burn up to 250-calories per hour. In comparison, if you let your dog run around your backyard instead while you sit on the couch, you’ll burn about 85-calories in the same time frame, it adds.

The calorie burning will always vary depending on your height and weight, it explains (it estimates 204-calories per hour for a 150-pound person). This doesn’t take into account whether you take a very hilly route, or if you’re walking a big dog you have to keep under control (when it sees a squirrel). As a reference point, a can of cola is around 200-calories. A fast food burger with cheese can be more than 700-calories, so walk your dog twice!


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