9 Easy Ways to Remove Fluid in the Ear

3. Gravity Ear Drain

A formal ear draining procedure will need to be safely performed by your doctor. However, temporary relief can be found at home using the simple rules of gravity. Simply tilt your head or lie down so the side of the affected ear faces down to encourage fluid to drain out. Make sure you put down a dark towel or cloth or something you don’t mind getting stained, to allow the fluid to come out on. Move your head gently back and forth while tugging on the earlobe to persuade the canal to open.

Lying down on your side may get some of the fluid out but depending on what’s causing the fluid and how thick it is, you likely won’t get all of it out. It may feel like some of it moved closer to the entrance of your ear but it’s important you don’t try to scoop it out or dig in your ear. Doing so could cause more harm than good. If doing this doesn’t work, try using a combination of steam or decongestants to help.


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