11 Random Acts of Kindness on the International Day of Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace! And what better way to better the world than with a few random acts of kindness.

Science tells us that spreading peace and kindness to others has some positive mind-body benefits. For instance, Dr. David R. Hamilton, ex-scientist and best-selling author of the book, Why Kindness is Good for You, explains that “On a biochemical level, [good deeds] elevated levels of the brain’s natural…endogenous opioids [i.e., dopamine] and create a natural high, known as ‘Helper’s High’.” Random acts of kindness are also extremely contagious, meaning if we’re kind to our fellow beings, we inspire others to be kind in an amazing ripple effect that spreads outwards…



1. Feed a Stranger’s Meter

See a vehicle with an expired parking meter—do a nice deed and feed that meter a few quarters.

You never know what could possibly of held that person up, and they will greatly appreciate not coming back to a parking ticket.

parking meter 

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