7 Things Your Dreams May be Trying to Tell You About Your Health

We’ve all had them…the dreams about flying, our teeth falling out, or suddenly being naked in front of a crowd. While some of these dreams can be amusing or somewhat traumatic, there may be a deeper message.

In fact, Psychology Today notes, “Research supporting the role of somatic and sensory influences on dream content is well supported,” and it adds there’s also controversial data suggesting dreams could predict an upcoming physical ailment. If you’re lucky enough to still remember your dreams in the morning, here are seven things to consider…


1. Bizarre Dreams

If you have a dream about a clown juggling cats, or a laughing blender, then you could probably safely file those under “bizarre”. However, Psychology Today explains that bizareness in dreams could indicate fatigue associated with an illness.

“As our body fights disease, we rely on more deep sleep for immune strength, and the delay in dreaming sleep could lead to vivid and bizarre dreams,” explains the source.

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