8 Health Factors That Can Be Determined by Massage Therapists

We usually make an appointment with an RMT (registered massage therapist) to work out kinks, tight areas, tension, and knotted muscles. However, it shouldn’t surprise you that your massage therapist can actually tell you quite a bit about your general health—and even secretly guess a few of your bad habits.

Here are eight health factors that can be determined by massage therapists as soon as you lie down on their tables…



1. You’re a Commuter

If you use your car to get to work—especially if you sit in said car for a few hours each day—you’re massage therapist can tell. Those of us who sit in traffic behind the wheel have tell tale forward reaching posture.

This means your neck leans too far forward. Oftentimes your shoulders will also display tightness and even hunch if you spend long hours commuting to and from work, or drive for a living.


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