Don’t Sneeze at These 7 Symptoms and Treatments of Baby Allergies

When you think of allergies, you probably picture a quaint commercial where a grown man or woman is tiptoeing through a field but then starts sneezing uncontrollably. Well, it turns out it’s not just grownups that have to deal with allergies.

In fact, babies can have a variety of allergies, and they can range from mild to more serious. However, as points out, it can be difficult to tell sometimes whether symptoms are from a cold or an allergy. Here are seven things to help you figure it out and take action if needed…


1. Hacking Coughs

These are never pleasant to hear coming from anyone, let alone a baby. While coughing is common in infants and toddlers, as points out, the source adds that allergic babies are particularly prone to respiratory viruses “and have trouble getting rid of coughs or colds.”

Additionally, the already small airways of a baby can spasm and swell due to allergens, leading to the dry, hacking cough. In some cases, this cough can progress to wheezing, which may be an indication your child is struggling to breathe.

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