Clearing the Air with 6 E-Cigarette Facts and Myths

Vaping, which involves vaporizing e-cigarette fluid, has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, while many believe it is a safer option because there’s no burning of carcinogens involved, there could still be health impacts consider.

The fact there is no “smoke” from the burning of a cigarette may lull some users into a false sense of security. However, while there are risks, it’s not all bad news for vapers. Let’s have a closer look at six details about vaping…


1. Vaping Still Affects the Lungs

The American Lung Association (ALA) stresses that a side effect of e-cigarettes is “popcorn lung” from exposure to diacetyl contained in the vapor. This can scar lung tissue, and lead to this serious respiratory disease.

Diacetyl is a common component of e-cigarette juice flavors (e-juice), note the ALA. It is called “popcorn lung” because this same chemical used to be added to popcorn to simulate the taste of butter, but has since been linked to serious illness and removed from most grocery store varieties.


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