Concussion Symptoms: How Do I Know If I Have a Concussion?

Most often, it’s athletes that are considered most prone to concussions, a brain injury that is either caused when the head suffers a severe blow or when the body is shaken and the brain is jostled as a result.

However, we are all at risk for concussions whether we play sports regularly or not. Concussions are also the common injury due to car accidents, falls, fights, or passing out and hitting the head.

In rare cases, concussions can cause brain injury, particularly with repeated instances. Here are the ten most common symptoms of a concussion…


1. Headaches

Due to the fact that the majority of concussions are caused by a direct blow to the head, severe headache can occur comparable to a nasty migraine headache that comes in ebbs and flows with sensitivity to light and sound.

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