Heart Palpitation: 8 Reasons for Your Abnormal Heartbeat

Heart palpitations occur when the heart beat increases—it may noting a flutter, skipped beat, or heart rate that’s abnormally hard and fast in your chest, throat, or neck.

Heart palpitations can be frightening if you’ve never experienced them before. Most often they’re stress-related and not at all harmful. However, caffeine, nicotine, and hormones call all cause the heart to beat faster than normal, as can an underlying health condition, such as an overactive thyroid so it’s wise to seek medical attention if palpitations persist.

Here are the 8 common causes of abnormal heart beat…


1. Stress

More often than not, an abnormally fast heart rate will occur due to an emotional response—for instance work stress or personal anxiety—or worse, a panic attack!

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