Putting 6 Great Canadian Medical Breakthroughs Under the Microscope

Canada may be relatively small in population compared to other developed countries around the world (including the U.S.), but it seems to contribute more than its fair share of medical breakthroughs.

From the early 20th century onwards, Canadian doctors and researchers have found treatments for complicated and common diseases that range from irregular blood sugar to autoimmune dysfunctions. To honor our neighbors to the north for Canada Day on July 1, let’s look at 6 of Canada’s top medical discoveries that have saved lives around the world…


1. Insulin for Diabetes

Diabetes may have recorded cases dating back to the Egyptian dynasty era, around 1,500 BCE according to the Canadian Diabetes Association. It was then referred to as “the passing of too much urine”. We now know that diabetes is the inability of the pancreas to produce enough of the hormone insulin to control blood sugars, which can be potentially fatal.

In 1921, Canadian physician Frederick Banting made the discovery of insulin along with American-born colleague Dr. Charles Best, and the pair presented their findings to the medical community that same year, noted the association. After some experimentation, the first human subject received insulin treatment for diabetes in 1922.

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