The 9 Worst Reasons to Use an Online Symptom Checker

You have a weird rash. You should just go to the doctor, but you just don’t have the money. You’re not sure what to do. So you do what thousands of other Americans do—you check your symptoms online.

Reaching for your computer is the new norm when it comes to shedding light on your health. However, just because many online symptom checkers claim to be able to help you make accurate diagnoses; doesn’t mean you should take the results as fact.


1. Symptom Checkers Provide a Wide Spectrum of Conditions

For example, if your son has a stomach ache, you may consult an online symptom checker with a visual body map. So when you place your cursor over the abdomen on the body map, you’ll get a vast menu of possible symptoms for that area—including everything from constipation to an intestinal tumor.

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