The Dangers of Antibacterial Soaps and Cleansers

Antibacterial soaps and cleansers are available just about everywhere these days. While antibacterial products have been used in medical offices and hospitals for a long time, the past few years has seen a huge increase in their use at home, in schools, and in offices. But the benefit of using antibacterial products isn’t clear because manufacturers haven’t had to prove their safety and ability to wash away bacteria better than regular soap and water.

With consumer demand, antibacterial products are a huge market. Scare campaigns about germs and their danger has led to arguably an overuse of the products. And unfortunately, the dangers of antibacterial soaps and cleansers are not well-known, putting consumer health at risk. So check out the following dangers of antibacterial soaps and cleansers, and reconsider the products you use.


1. Healthy Bacteria Is Killed, Too

Antibacterial soaps and cleansers are designed to kill bacteria that isn’t good for your body before it reaches unsafe levels. But these antibacterial products also kill the good bacteria – bacteria that can help prevent other bacteria from spreading and that helps you build a natural resistance to bad bacteria. Killing 99.9% of germs, something that many antibacterial product manufacturers use as their main selling feature, is deceiving when some of those germs help strengthen your immune system. So it’s hard to say these cleansers are good for you when they get rid of the good stuff too.

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