6 Healthy Ways to Avoid Yeast Infections

If you’re a woman, then you’ve likely had or will have a yeast infection at some point. In fact, the Center for Young Women’s Health notes that 75-percent of women will have at least one of these infections in their life—characterized by burning or itching in the vagina, as well as discharge, which are all of course not very pleasant.

While there are several ways you can try to treat this kind of infection, there are also ways to help prevent it too. By looking at the big picture of your health and making some changes, you might be able to cross yeast infections off your list of health problems to worry about. Here are six ways to avoid them…



1. Consume Probiotics

EveryDay Health notes that eating foods containing probiotics can naturally put your body’s bacteria in balance. The opposite is true as well, when bacteria is out of whack, it can cause infections when yeast (a fungus) overgrows in your system.

The informational health provider says the best sources of probiotics are organic yogurts with live bacterial cultures, as well as supplements (lactobacillus or acidophilus should appear on the label).

greek yogurt

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