8 Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is crucially important to our overall health. This vitamin produces healthy blood cells and works to maintain proper nerve functioning. It’s important that everyone gets enough vitamin B12 in their diets, but it’s especially important for women, particularly expecting women.

How can you get enough vitamin B12? There are a number of foods that contain vitamin B12, from cottage cheese to almonds to feta cheese. Here’s what you need to know about a vitamin B12 deficiency…



1. You’ll Feel Tired Without Enough

Vitamin B12 is crucially important in the production of DNA, nerves, and blood cells. It’s also really important when it comes to keeping your brain healthy and the immune system up and running smoothly.

However, it’s also vital when it comes to your metabolism, as it plays a key role in converting nutrients to energy. If you’re feeling exhausted or your mind feels foggy, then it’s time to get more vitamin B12, which can be found in many animal products, like eggs and shellfish.


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