Found a Lump? It May Be One of These 8 Benign Breast Conditions

It’s a pretty scary feeling to be taking a shower when you feel something in your breast that wasn’t there before. Of course, if you detect a lump or a strange change in your breasts, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. However, don’t assume the worst. That lump, strange texture or redness around your nipple isn’t automatically breast cancer.

No, it may be one of these 8 non-cancerous (or benign) breast tumors, lumps, or conditions…


1. Fibrosis

Fibrosis results in changes in the breast affected by hormones—such as menopause or a monthly menstrual period. Fibrosis creates abnormal firm areas among the connective tissues in your breasts, like tenderness, nipple discharge, tenderness and pain, thickening skin, and lumps. Don’t panic, fibrosis is typically harmless and rarely requires surgery.

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