Popcorn Lung & The Many Downsides of E-Cigarettes

Many vaping advocates stand by the claim that puffing on an e-cigarettes is much less harmful than puffing on a cigarette or cigar. However, exposure assessment experts at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, easily see through the smoke and mirrors.

In fact, the most recent Harvard studies reveal more than 75-percent of e-cigarettes tested contain a potentially dangerous chemical linked to a condition called Popcorn Lung. Here are six downsides to vaping and e-cigarette usage…



1. Vaping vs. Smoking

When I think back to the very first time I heard a commercial for vaping, claims like “healthier alternative to smoking”, “limited health risks”, “zero nicotine” and “less chemicals” come to mind. However, Harvard scientists now paint a clearer picture of what’s exactly in that e-cigarette.

After numerous studies to test the chemicals used in vaping roughly 51 different type of popular e-cigarettes, over 75-percent of the e-cigarettes tested contained a potentially dangerous chemical known as diacetyl, that’s been linked to severe respiratory disease.

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