Top 11 Breastfeeding Myths Every New Mom Should Know!

New moms are often met with a ton of breastfeeding myths and downright hurtful misinformation when it comes to nursing their newborns.   Unfortunately, these false claims, many made by out-of-date or ill trained doctors, cause new moms to quit breastfeeding out of frustration or wean prematurely.

We’re hoping to dispel the false information with the top eleven breastfeeding myths…


1. Breastfeeding is the only way to truly bond with your baby

Breastfeeding is easy and natural for some new moms and newborns. However, it’s difficult and heartbreaking for others. And then there are moms who decide to forgo breastfeeding altogether. Just like any healthy relationship, it should only be done if it’s natural and only for as long as both mom and baby desire to.

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