10 Healthy Habits that Help to Regulate Appetite

Eating is just so much fun, with all the flavours and colours. First you see the tantalizing food and you get a notion that you want to try it. Once you’ve tried it and found it to be delicious, you want more. The next thing you know, you’ve eaten more than you probably should have and your stomach is letting you know about it. At this point, you chide yourself for not having enough control to say no in the first place. But really it’s not about saying no. It’s about achieving a healthy balance: allowing yourself the occasional treat and being comfortable in saying no when enough is enough.

Stopping isn’t always so easy when your taste buds are crying out. It’s helpful to have well-honed habits that leave you feeling satisfied with the amount you’ve had to eat, and drive away the urge for extra helpings. Here’s where habits to regulate appetite can help…


1. Drink More Water

Water makes you feel fuller, maybe not to the same degree as food, but it certainly helps in ways that you may not even have realized. Studies show interesting results about how drinking good amounts of H2O reduces your appetite. In fact, one study found that people who drank seven cups of water per day eat roughly 200 fewer calories than those who consumed less than one glass. Another study revealed that adults who drank two cups of water directly before meals ate 75 to 90 less calories. You may benefit similarly by drinking about 16 ounces of water four times daily.

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