7 Natural Reasons to Ditch Your Deodorant

You might slap on deodorant in order to mask unpleasant body odor (a combo of sweat and bacteria), but did you know that the source of that foul stank emanates from your insides and out via your sweat glands? According to research conducted at the University of California, each of us have our own signature body smell, which is largely determined by a mix of health, genetics, and personal hygiene. However, that reek developing under your arm pits is also largely dependent on your diet, which means eating certain foods can turn foul body odor to flowery aroma.

Here are seven natural ways to beat bad BO…


1. Water

Perhaps the most obvious way to beat body odor is to flush it out with clean, pure, cool, water—and lots of it! Health experts recommend good hydration for flushing out smelly toxins within your liver, colon, and kidneys and also to make digestion and bowel movements more efficient.

Adding a bit of freshly squeezed lemon to a tall glass of H20, especially first thing in the morning, will help cleanse and detoxify your digestive system for the day ahead. Drinking plenty of water will also ensure undigested food and toxins don’t get trapped and rot in your digestive tract, creating bad BO.

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