Healthy Camping Food Tips

A weekend or week respite away from civilization is good for the body, mind, and soul. All of that swimming, hiking, chopping wood, and fresh air far from urban pollutants can boost your health considerably. However, when it comes to finding healthy options come mealtime you might find yourself up the preverbal creek…without a paddle.

The good news is that camp food stored in a small trailer, tent, or even in the back of your car without use of modern conveniences (i.e., like a stove, microwave, or refrigerator) can still be healthy, energizing, and quite tasty if you follow these tips…


1. Menu Planning Starts At Home

The food planning should really begin weeks ahead of your scheduled trip.  For instance, you can begin planning out your trip menu for every meal, each day, including snacks so you don’t end up eating a bag of chips and a package of beef jerky every night at camp. From there, prepare a list of the foods you want, considering number of campers (as well as a few emergency extras just in case) and personal appetites, of course.

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