6 Chilling Effects of Winter Weather on Your Health

 Some of us are summer lovers. Others prefer the chill of winter. However, there may be a good reason why many feel the need to escape to a tropical beach during a deep freeze in the winter—our bodies are just not designed for freezing temperatures.

Here are six ways a wicked winter can impact you…



1. The Winter Blues

If you have an underlying health condition, you may want to avoid staying outside for long periods of time when the thermometer takes a major dip. Otherwise, winter can actually be quite enjoyable for many reasons that are impacted by seasonal changes.

While not all effects on your health from the cold are negative (some can actually be positive, according to my previous article 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t be Icy About Winter). So don’t focus on longer nights and shoveling snow, change your perspective to the best sides of winter (i.e., lack of bugs, better sleeping) and don’t hide in the basement all winter.

Winter Exercise

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