7 Ways Parents can Fight Back against Children’s Colds or Flu

Despite your best efforts, your child is bound to get a cold or flu at some point early in their life, which can be upsetting and unnerving for you as a parent. However, it’s important to not panic and take a rational approach to handling the situation.

A flu is a manageable illness, but can require a doctor’s intervention if symptoms spike or are prolonged. However, here are seven steps you can take to ensure your child’s cold or flu is handled properly at home…


1. Check their Temperature

You may think your child has the flu, but let the thermometer make the decision for you. While your child may be vomiting or displaying other flu-like symptoms, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s influenza.

WebMD notes that a child who has the flu will have a “high-grade” fever of up to 104 F. However, his or her temperature only has to be 100.4 F or higher to have a fever (which is not a symptom of a common cold).


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