Enjoy Freedom and Family Fun with These 6 Safety Tips for Independence Day

The U.S. turns 241 years old this July, which is a great reason to get out and join the fun. July 4 is a day to celebrate freedom and spend time with your family. It’s not a time for mishaps that could rain on your parade.

Whether you’re planning a day out in the sunshine, or want to light up the event with fireworks, Independence Day can be safe and fun for everyone if you keep these six relatively simple tips in mind to protect yourself and your family…


1. Drive a Boat of Confidence

Many Americans elect to take to the water during July 4 to watch the festivities offshore. While there are few things greater than taking your family out in a pleasure craft and watching the fireworks trail across the sky, boating also carries a certain amount of risk.

Ensure there are enough life jackets on board for each passenger, regardless of swimming skill. If you’re driving the boat, ensure you haven’t consumed alcohol beforehand or during the excursion (you need all of your wits about you navigating the open water, and it’s also illegal in many areas).


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