Signs & Symptoms of OAK

Osteoarthritis of the knee typically affects people over 40 and predominantly women, however, overweight individuals in their 20s and 30s can be affected if the following signs and symptoms persist:

If you are experiencing the symptoms listed above as well as any of the following indicators, you may suffer from OAK:

1. Obesity
Excessive weight and stress on the knee joints increases the risk of OA of the knee if it’s allowed to persist. Maintaining a healthy weight will take pressure off the knees and help prevent osteoarthritis of the knee and knee joint damage.

2. Pre-existing injury
If you’ve previously broken or injured your knee you are at  increased risk of developing OA of the knee.

3. Heredity
Individuals with existing joint abnormalities and those who suffer defective cartilage, may suffer deterioration of joints and develop osteoarthritis.

4. Repetitive stress on the knees
Particularly those who squat or kneel for lengthy periods, either for work or sport.

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