The Top 6 Health Lessons We Learned from Celebrities in 2015

Admittedly, not everything celebrities do and say is worth repeating. However, sometimes, celebrities like these use their influence for health awareness and the good of the world.

Take a look at six celebrities who opened up about their own personal health struggles and taught us some valuable lessons in 2015…



1. Avril Lavigne

Singer, Avril Lavigne, gave us a valuable wake up call to the reality of Lyme disease in April 2015. After months of misdiagnosis, she broke down about contracting the infectious disease to People magazine.

Avril spoke out about tick prevention, proper precautions for spending time in nature, and characterized her fight with the disease. She said, “It was literally the worst time in my life…I could barely eat…and had to leave my 30th birthday party to go lie in bed…when my friends asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ I didn’t know.”


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