Beat the Heat: Sleepy Time Tricks for Hot Summer Nights

When the temperature soars from morning until nighttime, you have no choice but to hit the sack in the humid, sticky environment of your bedroom. You’re lucky if you have air conditioning, but in the dog days (and nights) of summer, many folks are forced to try to catch some much-needed winks in intense heat and mugginess that make it impossible to sleep through the night.

Here are eight ways to stay cool and environmentally responsible when the sleepy time temperatures soar…



1. Cross-Breeze to the Rescue

To beat the hot summer heat so you can actually sleep through the night may require from re-arrangement of your box fans.

For instance, hang fans cross-ways from one another—or alternately arrange fans directly across from a window—so the breeze from inside (from your fan) and the breeze from outside (from your window) will create better airflow and a much-soothing cross-breeze.

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